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Best Ways To Pack When You Move House

Packing boxes for relocation may sound simple enough; however, packing in a certain way can make the whole process smoother. You should prevent all your belongings from breakages and pack in a way to protect your fragile possessions. If you are looking for a Luxury Items Removals company to help with the move get in contact with Removalist Northshore. Here are the best ways to pack when you move house.

Use Sturdy Boxes

If you can, use brand new packing boxes that are made from corrugated cardboard to ensure maximum durability. If this is not possible then test the second hand boxes to see how tough they are. You want your belongings to be well protected during transit. Think about what you are going to be putting in the box as it should be able to support everything you are placing in there. Older boxes could be used for softer and lighter items such as pillows. Newer more solid boxes should be used for ornaments. You can pick up packing boxes from many places including your chosen Removalist. It’s best to get it right if you are packing yourself then using a Removalist. If they have to repack for you for any reason then you will incur a charge.

Use Packing Tape

Packing tape is better than standard sticky tape as it is more hard wearing. Use it to strengthen the bottom of the box. This is essential if the box has been used previously. You don’t want the bottom to give way during the move. Everything will fall out causing more hassle, wasting time and could even result in damage to the items. When packing up the boxes ensure you can properly close them and don’t overfill them. Once a box is packed, use packing tape to seal it.

Consider Weight

When filling a box, place heaver items towards the bottom and the lighter ones on the top. You can then use light items such as any fabric belongings to pad out the box and give extra support. Bear in mind how much the box weighs. It should weigh no more than 20 kilograms. Particularly heavy boxes are prone to splitting and all the contents can spill out and possibly break. You also want to ensure you can lift the box and that it is safe to do so for your Removalist. This ensures removals experts can come in and perform a speedy relocation. If you are packing yourself and use a Removalist they could refuse to move the boxes if they aren’t packed properly or if inadequate boxes have been used. Under no circumstances will a Removalist move boxes containing dangerous items including firearms, paint and fuel.

Even something as simple as packing has both wrong and right ways to go about it. You should use durable boxes that can hold all of its contents. Packing tape should be used to strengthen the base as well as seal of your belongings inside. You need to be mindful of weight as you don’t want anything falling out of the bottom and it still needs to be lifted. Removalist Northshore can take care of all your removals needs and have a team of experienced professionals to help you relocate.

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