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Moving from Your Parent’s House? Here’s Help

Finally- your independence. Your big move from your parents home into your own place. While you may be thinking privacy, partying, and everything in between do not forget the role of being an adult. It is essential that you move and begin your new independence in a responsible manner. With that said, here are some pre-moving tips as well as moving tips from Northshore Removalist.

Before you move, be sure you are ready to relocate to your own place. Ask yourself the following:

Can you afford to live on your own? Rent is not your only concern- there are many other living expenses you’ll be responsible for- utilities, cable, Internet, phone, food, entertainment, etc. The costs associated with living on your own quickly add up. Will the bills be stacking after a month or two? If you are already figuring out ways to make ends meet, chances are you are not financially ready to move from your parents home.

Consider your moving and living expenses:

  • A security deposit
  • Utilities: phone, Internet, cable, gas, water, electricity, etc.
  • Renters insurance, auto insurance, health insurance (if you are not covered through your employment), etc.
  • Transportation expense
  • Clothes
  • Entertainment expense
  • Medical expenses for doctor visits, medications, etc.
  • Personal expenses- credit cards, car loans, student loans, etc.
  • Miscellaneous expenses

The costs of living on your own will quickly add up; and, if you are not financially prepared and responsible, you’ll find the shine of your new freedom will quickly wear off.

Set up a personal budget as though you are already living on your own, paying the bills, etc. and see just how well you do without the spending money you are accustomed to each month. Also, have a financial safety net before you move.

Find a good place of your own

If you have yet to find your new place, this is the first step once you decide you are ready to leave your parents home. Likely, your new place is a rental. Like shopping for a new home, you will need to shop apartments and rental properties that match your criteria i.e. number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, amenities, etc. When you find places, you are interested in don’t overlook certain aspects of the property:

  • The condition of the property. Is it well maintained, clean and secure?
  • Does the property adhere to safety standards? Is the neighborhood safe?
  • What are the neighbors like? Young, old, retired, etc.
  • How far will you have to travel from the property to your work, school, parent’s home, friends, etc.

Once you’ve found your place, you are ready to begin preparing for your move.

If you won’t be hiring a moving company, then it is important to know how to pack and move yourself. There are techniques, strategies, and equipment, as well as knowledge that are necessary to eliminate damage, stress and strain associated with a move.


Determine what you will move to your new home. Start by creating a checklist of the things you’ll bring with you. As you inventory your items, calculate the number and size of boxes you’ll need.

Prior to packing, gather your moving materials- boxes, tape, bubble wrap, furniture and mattress wrap, newspaper and furniture straps.

Pack wisely. While it may seem like common sense to pack heavy items separately, many amateur movers make the mistake of packing heavy items with light breakable items. So, pack heavy items separately. Also, when packing, wrap your items and leave room for plenty of cushioning in the boxes. And, don’t over pack your boxes. These strategies will help to ensure you do not have damage result when moving should the box fall or the items shift.

Having the proper moving equipment is also essential. One must have during a relocation is a dolly that is used to move multiple boxes and furniture, eliminating the risk of damage as you move your boxes from your home to your transport vehicle. Other moving equipment that will help you during your move includes furniture pads, moving pads, and moving straps.

Moving from your parents home to your place is a big event in life. Be sure that you are emotionally ready as well as financially ready.

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