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Can moving your Office or Business turn into a complete nightmare? So many things could go wrong! What if the time isn’t planned out properly and you only have a short period of time left? Who will take care of the dismantling and mantling of the office equipment and furniture? Where do you buy the right boxes from? How do you pack everything so it doesn’t get damaged in the process of moving? All of these are questions that would panic any office manager.

However, can moving your Office go smoothly and safely? Can you reduce the stress to minimum, and instead in a tense environment you find yourself calm in the company of a happy, punctual and experienced team? This is what we are aiming for in Removalist North Shore.

The cooperative removals are a complicated and specific task, therefore after the first viewing our consultant will be able to give you advice about all the steps that should be taken during the removal. We will provide you with a list of all the actions that need to be taken in one summarised and understandable offer.

From the right planning and organisation of the time needed for moving and delivery of boxes, through the required for the delivery mantling and dismantling of Office Equipment. We will provide you with all the details about packaging, the choice of right transport and finish with the arrangement in the new office.

Our flexible pricing policy, rich experience and united team allow us to optimise our expenses in a way that will let us provide you with a very competitive end quote!

Keeping your schedule intact and your belongings protected

As one of the premier official removal firms in the North Shore area and beyond, we know the importance of taking care of our clients’ belongings. For businesses in particular it is imperative that everything goes as planned during the move. Even the slightest hiccups in the schedule can lead to significant delays which can be of great danger for the business. When your customers are unable to use the services that you provide then you will definitely lose out on potential profits and possibly even lose some of your customers. This makes it so important that you choose the right company to represent you during your move. While choosing an inferior company may not seem so bad at first glance, it can lead to long term financial damages that are hard to correct after the fact. When you pick us, we guarantee you that we will use all of our expertise and experience in your favour. We will respect your schedule and ensure that your business will be back at work in no time at all.

The next highly important thing to look out for is the safety of your appliances and furniture. Computers, screens and other electrical appliances can easily be damaged by movements in the removal vehicle of by water during the move. This makes it even more important to pay close attention to all of the things that can easily be damaged but are highly important to your business. Our movers are tremendously skilled when it comes to protecting the belongings or our clients. They work with extreme caution and ensure that nothing is able to move or get damaged in any other way during the removal. This is partially due to the great training that every one of our team members have to go through during the beginning of their career, as well as the extreme experience that all of our team members bring to the table. With hundreds of moves under the belts of every one of our movers, there aren’t many situations and items which haven’t been handled before.

The more information we have the better we can plan your successful move

For a move to be successful, it is essential that a lot of planning is done before the day of the move. Some of the most important things that we need to be able to plan for are the size of the move as well as the kind of items that need to be transported. If we don’t have accurate information about the move, it may lead to delays due to missing manpower or equipment. Try to estimate the workload and describe it as accurately to your Removalist North Shore team member so that we know what we are up against. Should you not feel comfortable estimating the workload for us, one of our workers can come to your office and view the workload first hand. This will ensure that we know what kind of equipment and how many men to bring to your move in order to be able to finish in the least amount of time possible.

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