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How to secure your antiques before a Move

Most people these days have some kind of unique, special, rarely available vintage priceless stuff with which they’ve attached sentiments over the period of time. Now, these things usually are old or they are handmade which means they are extremely fragile in some cases.

Today, we’ll put forward all the ways that you can use to protect your antiques. You need to divide your move into two parts; Packing and Moving. Following are some tips that will enable you to carry out your shifting procedure swiftly without endangering your expensive, precious belongings.


The core important tip to secure your antiques is to pack them nice and cosy where they are comfortable just like when you are inside a nice, thick blanket in the earliest of winter mornings. Now to do it, just follow the mentioned steps:

• Prepare your packing strategy beforehand: packing your valuable antiques especially glassware or crystals require a lot of attention and planning beforehand so make sure you have all the right packing materials before you start.

• Tools and stuff you’ll need while packing: You might require hard cardboard boxes according to the size of your valuables to protect them from damage. You might also need steel nails, hammer, tape, packing paper, crumpled paper, cutter, foam, etc.

• How to pack: Each type of item is packed with the different approach. For example, glasses are packed with crumpled paper inside them and packing paper covering them from outside while plates are more focused on their placement in the box. They are kept vertically to keep them from any damage in case the box fells or hit hard from outside.


Moving usually is underestimated by most people but major damages occur during the move hence, here is a guide to help you move your home without damages. It is preferred to hire some professionals to carry out this process as moving requires a lot of expertise and some heavy, expensive machinery which is usually unavailable to the households because simply you can’t afford to buy such costly machinery just for one particular move.

To hire the best movers for this job contact Removalist North Shore at 1300 727 115. We take pride in providing some of the best and extensively experience personnel movers who will pack and move in the most economical rates possible and with least disruption and inconvenience.

However, if you want to move your house personally then just make sure you have a truck or some storage vehicle. Moving in a passenger vehicle is quite an impossible task because some of your heavy furnitures like a bed or a cupboard won’t fit in a hatchback/sedan. Though, you can move smaller items in your car. Just make sure to carry out the boxes with care and look out for the corners of your house and the boxes. Drive your car smoothly so that the boxes don’t move a lot because too much movement can cause wreckage inside the boxes. Happy moving!

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